The BIKESTYLE END2END MOUNTAIN BIKE CHALLENGE is the Iconic Mountain Biking event on the Isle of Man. Your chance to ride from one end of a country to the other whilst conquering some sizeable peaks along the way.

The 75km route of the Isle of Man, BIKESTYLE END2END MOUNTAIN BIKE CHALLENGE incorporates 1500 metres of climbing with a thrilling mixture of fast fire roads, sweeping moorland paths, country lanes and forest singletrack.

You’ll experience stunning views and great support from the local spectators and an army of over 100 marshals that line the route whilst you gain a real sense of satisfaction as you make your way from the northern most point of the island to the Beachside town of Port Erin in the South of the island.

The event attracts all types of cyclists from racers who will try to complete the route in their fastest time to the weekend warriors who just want to finish and enjoy themselves while having a laugh with likeminded mountain bikers.  For those who don’t fancy the whole 75km, the half event now runs on the 2nd half of the course so everyone finishes in the picturesque seaside town of Port Erin to collect their medal.

The course can be completed within 3 hours for the leaders and anything up to 8 hours for the Weekend-Worriers following up the tail end of the challenge.

The first Isle of Man End2End event was held in 1996 and with this being the 23nd running of the event, we have learnt a lot about how to make sure you and the many other riders have a great time and go home wanting to do it all over again.

This is an event that should be in every mountain bikers calendar.

Entry cost: (All entry costs include administration / card fees)

Adult Full: £45

Adult Half: £33

Junior 16-17 years, Full: £20

Junior 16-17 years, Half: £20

Youth 14-15 years, Half: £20

Transport Package £15

Includes rider, bike and gear transport from Douglas to the start.  Gear transported to the finish and rider, bike and gear transported back to Douglas after the event.

All entries Include:

  • Refreshments included at sign on
  • Riders booklet provided at sign on to include event information, the route, and participant riders numbers
  • Technical T-Shirt provided at sign on
  • Seeded interval start times
  • Fully marked route
  • Feed stations at 3 x checkpoints including energy products, snacks and drinks
  • 100+ Marshals along the route
  • Medical Support
  • Bike wash at finish (donations to the fire brigade encouraged)
  • Catering at the finish
  • Finish and live checkpoint times
  • A smile and a cheer from the many people that come along to support the event

In addition, the Winners Receive:

  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place trophies for all male and female categories with more than 5 entries.
  • Cash prizes for the top 3 Male and top 3 Female finishers


There are 3 manned checkpoints: One at Brandywell Road (30km), one at St. John’s (42km) and the other at Round Table (51km). These will have water to refill your bottles and energy bars. They are intended to supplement your rations and you should carry adequate supplies to meet your needs rather than relying on these. Checkpoint closing times are:

• CP1. Brandywell @13:00

• CP2. St. John’s @ 14:00

• CP3. Round Table @ 15:00

• Half @ 12:00 from St. Johns

Please note that the event starts at 09.30. Make sure your at your start point 15mins. minimum before your official start time.
If you arrive at a checkpoint after the cut-off time you will be advised to retire from the event and your number board will be removed. If you choose to continue, you will do so at your own risk and will not be included in the results. Please note that St. Johns is the last checkpoint with easy access back to Douglas. Should any of the Marshals at these checkpoints pull you to one side stating you are out of time, they are doing it for your safety. Please adhere to their advice and surrender your number and timing tag.


As with any event of this size it is only possible to run it with the assistance of large numbers of marshals.  As the event’s contribution to charity the organisers will pay a fee to the nominated charity for each marshal provided.

We are especially keen to recruit sector marshals who will run a section of the route, possibly with a team of their own in aid of their own charity.  Please contact the marshal organisers by clicking here for further information.

Spectators & Support Crews

One of the best aspects of the event is the large number of spectators who turn out to support family & friends. However, if you are spectating, please make sure that you park your vehicles considerately.  The road crossings have limited parking and your vehicle could cause an obstruction.  Again, the increased numbers will exacerbate this.

To improve safety & alleviate traffic pressure around the course there are certain points that have been designated ‘One Way’.  You will need to be aware that to get to these points you may have to use an alternative route.


Below is a list of event rules which riders must comply to. We ask you read them carefully.

  • The event may only be undertaken on a proper Mountain Bike fitted with off-road tyres. E.g. not CX Cyclo-Cross / Hybrid / Road bikes. And no E-bikes this year, alas.
  • The course must be completed on a single bike and set of wheels, i.e. bike or wheel swaps for different stages are not permitted.
  • The course must be completed in its entirety. Short cuts will result in disqualification.
  • Other than for mechanical repairs and food/drink provision, outside assistance is not permitted.
  • You must obey directives issued by course officials / police / marshals. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
  • It is not permitted to litter the course in any way. Pack it in, pack it out!
  • Put simply, you should not do anything that you would regard as cheating if done by somebody else!
  • Result queries/appeals must be submitted within 24 hours of the presentation.

The Route

We are going to start at the Point of Ayre, the northern most point of the island to the Beachside town of Port Erin in the South of the island.

It is hoped to provide a GPS track of the route, but please bear in mind that significant sections of the route (especially farmland) are private land.  If riders are observed riding these sections prior to the event they will be excluded.  Your behaviour in this respect may put the use of this land in jeopardy and compromise the event in future years.  Please obey any ‘No Mountain Bike’ signs that you see whilst riding the route before the event date.  There is quite enough permitted route to practice on and alternative routes that avoid private land are available.


With the 9.30 start, riders will be seeded into pens and started at intervals with riders in the second and subsequent groups getting a start time as they pass the start line.  The entry form will ask what pen you would like to start in and for a previous best time to aid us in deciding which pen you should start in.  Please note that being in the fast groups is not always an advantage!  A number of riders who had finished well in previous years and were selected to be in the first group found the pace too tough on the fast road section and got dropped.  They were by then very tired and were mopped up by the following groups who then had a significant time advantage over them.  Better to be in a group that matches your fitness and enjoy the ride!