The Route

The Bikestyle End2End Mountain Bike Challenge is one of the Island’s biggest and most popular mass participation sports events.

We will see riders cycle from the 19th-century lighthouse, situated at the Point-Of-Ayre, the Island’s most Northerly tip, to the ‘New Finish for 2021‘*, in the south of the island.

The Bikestyle End2End Mountain bike Challenge offers a memorable, adrenaline-fueled bike ride, whatever your ability.

From XC racers who want to take on the course flat out to seasoned sportive riders looking for a gritty challenge to cycling novices who just want to finish, this event is for all of you, and anyone aged 18 or above can enter.

For riders that don’t want to do the full distance, we offer a half-distance event starting in St John’s and finishing in Port Erin. The half-distance event is open to adults only as we are under British Cycling rules from 2021. (All riders must be aged 18 years, or over on race day).

Topographical view, for all you climbing fanatics!

Our eBike event is a unique event and this also covers half the distance, this year it has its own start time at the Point of Ayre and finishes in St. John’s. 

For travel advice take a look at the following link for travel packages:

Here are some details on our revised start that was first introduced in 2017:

Special permission has been granted by the Department of Environment, Food & Agriculture, Manx National Heritage, and local landowners to allow the event to pass through The National Nature Reserve at The Ayres.

A picturesque and bio-diverse part of the Island, this new off-road start will reduce the initial on-road section by approximately 8.7km. This modified route will rejoin the Coast Road at Smeale and will follow the same route as the past few years to Ballaugh Village.


The first major climb of the event will take place on the main fire road through Ballaugh Plantation.

The first major climb is within Ballaugh Plantation.  This is an offroad section with plenty of space for everyone to ride at their own speed.  Every rider is free to practice this section prior to the event.

For riders that don’t want to do the full distance, there is a half-distance event starting in St John’s. The half-distance event is open to adults and juniors (junior riders must be aged 14 years or over on race day).

The End2End organising committee have been working hard behind the scenes on various other tasks including trail building which should help avoid overly boggy ground for this year’s event as well as making more of the legally accessible route rideable all year round.

This year’s finish will once again be on Port Erin promenade, the fantastic festival atmosphere and scenery have proved to be popular with riders and spectators in recent years.

It’s set to be another exciting day for both local and visiting riders with huge support from spectators along the whole route.  Get involved and ride in the biggest mountain bike challenge of the year. You can enter at the registration page or send us a message on ManxEnd2End/facebook page, which also has all the event information and updates.