The Manx Telecom End2End Mountain Bike challenge has been fantastically supported by the Manx community for many years now, and so we thought it was time to give that community something back. 2013 was a big year for the End2End, not only did we build the first phase of single track through Arrassey plantation but we also decided to alter the aim of the Manx Telecom End2End Mountain Bike Challenge from being a ‘not-for-profit’ event to one where a small amount of surplus was generated. Manx Mountain Bike Club, kindly pledged to donate any surplus funds from the 2013 event and all subsequent years to our End2End Legacy Project which was officially launched in May 2014.

The End2End Legacy is all about providing new naturalised recreational facilities which people of all ages can enjoy for free and supporting other local community developments where funds allow. Obviously, being a mountain biking organisation, we are keen to get more people into the woods on 2 wheels, but fully understand that there’s more to life than cycling, and so are creating facilities which will appeal to people of all ages and abilities.

Thanks to the Forestry Department, we have been granted permission to develop Archallagan plantation into a Community Park and May 2014 saw the first phase completed. In just one week, and with 135 staff and funding from Zurich Life International plus help from the Isle of Man’s Children’s Centre, we created an all weather junior mountain bike race course, a fitness trail and a children’s play area.

The future is bright for Archallagan; known as the forest of a thousand trails, we intend to upgrade many of these to make them more accessible to riders of various abilities. A skills park and more play areas are also planned, plus opening up the pond which is hidden within the plantation – yes there really is one and it’s quite stunning with huge Dragonflies and many species of invertebrates to learn about. The intention is to create a picnic area within this wildlife heaven where youngsters can enjoy discovering the wildlife which live within and around the pond.

Legacy Needs You!

The start has been made, and we have shown what’s possible with help. Our small team at End2End Legacy are reliant upon local companies and volunteers to get involved and help build our Community park…We can do this!

We need to hear from you if….

  • you have ideas for future developments with Archallagan or community developments elsewhere on the Island which Legacy could help with.
  • you have planning skills
  • you would like to get involved with developing either one or more phases – no specific skills are required!!
  • you would like to get your company involved with Legacy – our developments can be the focus for community based team-building activities.

The Forestry Department have been indispensable in helping us achieve our aims. We are indeed very lucky to have this large department on our side. There cannot be many groups of mountain bikers in the UK with such substantial government backing…Let’s make the most of it.

If you want to be a part of this great community development program check out and join the E2E Facebook page or the Manx Mountain Bike Club Website which provide details of future work parties.

End2End Legacy…The future looks great…be part of it!

Arrassey – single track heaven!! As you will all discover, work in Arrassey plantation has continued all through the winter, funded by the Manx Telecom End to End Mountain Bike Challenge, and the single track is now completed. Huge thanks go to Colas Ltd who have donated almost 300 tonnes of stone, and our invaluable trail masters Steve Collins and Roger Harris who have endured 6 months of terrible weather and midges to build what is arduously one of the best bits of single track on the island! Thanks also to all the willing volunteers who joined Steve & Roger in the mud – we’ll need you again for our next trail building venture so keep your eye on our page on Facebook. Special Thanks Huge thanks must go to both Zurich Life International who are continuing their support for End2End Legacy’s development in Archallagan in 2015. Additional thanks go to local advocate John Rimmer who is assisting with the incorporation of the End2End Legacy charity – John has waived his fees and so these funds will go towards community developments – thanks John!